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Eagles Holding Company was established in 2018 in Cairo, Egypt. We specialize in converting paper to different sizes to meet the requirements of the Egyptian market.

We pride ourselves in our involvement with the biggest names in the paper industry, that we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard.

Our company uses the latest machinery and technology to obtain the highest standards and quality in order to satisfy our customers.

2020 Vision

At the core of our commitment we keen to provide the best types of paper with the highest quality in order to meet the Egyptian market’s needs, through provide papers at all sizes to meet our customers’ requirements and needs.

Our Vision

Our KPIs

To be the leader and the biggest company that provides converting papers in the Egyptian market by 2025.

  • Improving operational efficiency
    • Maximizing production
    • Improving product quality
    • Improving customer service levels • Reducing inventory levels
  • Improving asset availability and performance • Prolonging the life of existing assets
    • Monitoring raw material quality
    • Reducing energy consumption
  • Monitoring environmental emissions
    • Focusing on health and safety issues
    • Lowering costs and improving profitability.


Our Mission

We work hard everyday to provide all different types  of converting papers to meet the Egyptian’s market’s needs and we aim to build a great relationship with our customers and suppliers.

Our Values

Transparency is our first priority, customer satisfaction is a must, and quality isn’t an option